August 25, 2011

Broc turns 6

Wow May was the last post I made. Guess I really have been busy. So much to catch up on that I will try to space things out. I want to share so much with all of you, guess I shouldn't have waited so long huh.

Broc turned 6! He is such a big kid, tall for his age and handsome as ever! This year we took 8 of Broc's friends to go see Kong Fu Panda 2 in 3D. It was a little crazy! This is how it all turned out. I roped my sister Kristin into helping me because, well she has a bus for a car! It ended up that I had two I think with me. We left and were on our way. Well I arrived at the movies and ten minutes later she still wasn't there. She had gone to North Point theaters instead of Mega Plex. Guess I left out that minor detail on which theater we were going to. And she had all ready had most of the kids out of the car at the other theater. They ended only being a few minutes late. Then once we got in someone was sitting in our seat! This lady with her two kids were not going to move either. So luckily there were a couple seats right below where we were sitting. Oh yeah, we went on opening day! They all had a good time eating their snack and one actually fell asleep.

May 4, 2011

Better late than Never

1. Behind again! I will start with the past and move forward.
In March Broc and I did IFly. This was the first time I had ever done it, and the third time for Broc. He is becoming a pro and me, well I liked it but couldn't breath very well and this may be embarrassing but I had my mouth open because I was smiling and spit came out. So word to wise if you are going to do IFly KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. Otherwise the instructor may get spit in his face!
2. Easter- Broc usually gets an outfit to wear on Easter Sunday and when we went to go look around we walked into Crazy 8's and he pointed to this outfit and said, "mom that will do, I will look like a little man in that. I want that one." And we were done! The quickest clothes shopping adventure ever! And he did look like a little handsome man! This year we went to the city Easter Egg hunt and he scored big as usual. Of course it isnt hard to get a ton of candy when it is just thrown all over the baseball fields. On Sunday we went over to Kris's sisters for a BBQ and Easter egg hunt. Normally there are 16 grand kids but only Broc and my sister in laws daughter were there, so they each had over 65 eggs full of candy. I think we will be taking it over to our Bishop so he can put it in his candy jar!
3. I got a new calling, I am now the Relief Society President. I know what you are thinking, holy crap you are too young. I thought so too! I told the Bishop I shouldn't because sometimes I do my laundry on Sunday and I still drink Dr. Pepper. But that wasn't a good enough excuse. I really enjoy serving so far and have felt overwhelmed at times, but have truly been blessed with amazing counselors, support from my husband and most importantly my Heavenly Father.
4. In April we went to St. George, it was perfect weather! The weather at home was cold and rainy, but down there it was 88 one day and 92 the next! Broc wanted his cousin Taylor to come, which was nice because we get a little boring sometimes to play with apparently. We went and played mini golf, raced cars and bumper boats, then spent the rest of the time in the pool. We even got sunburned. Kris taught Broc and Taylor to dive after rings, they still haven't mastered it but got pretty good at it. By the time we came home it was raining and very cold. I was ready to turn around and head back!
5. Broc finally had a field trip for school. They walked to the fire department. Three weeks before they went they practiced walking around the school for exercise to get them used to walking the distance. They did really well walking that far. They got to see the inside of all the fire trucks and wear the firefighter jacket and watched them slide down the poll, they also went outside to watch how far they can shoot the water. Thanks to the fire department for letting them come.
6. T-Ball started. Kris is the coach again with the help of one of Broc's friends dad. I told him I didn't want to do it again because I wanted to watch. Their first game was Monday and it was hard for me to sit and not try to help. Something I need to learn. This year they want to start them coach pitching, I was a little nervous about that but Broc did really well. I think it is in a movie where the kid is trying so hard to hit the ball without the T and he ends up having to use the T. He gets made fun of and is traumatized his entire life because of that. I think of that every time. LOL it cracks me up.
7. This Saturday I am running the Susan G. Koman race for the cure for the third time. I love this run! To see the sea of pink that goes on for miles is an amazing sight. This year my dad is running it with me, he has become quite the runner. I am so excited to share this experience with him. I want to thank the couple people who have sponsored me and given of their funds and love on my behalf! I also have a 5K I am running with Kristin and the Ogden 5K in two weeks. I am going to all warn out! If that is possible. Hopefully my knees can hold up!
8. Kris is going to Scotland here soon to go golfing with his brothers and dad. What an amazing opportunity! I was going to go but well it is pretty pricey! So Broc and I will just have to go to Disneyland. That is much cheaper. We are looking for anyone who wants to go with us! And trust me when I say I am the best person to go to Disneyland with. If you are wanting to go call me and I will tell you when!
7. Cant wait for school to be out, mostly so I dont have to wake up to early! JK wait no i am not, I can sleep in till 7:30 or run at 7 and be ready for the day by 9. That would be great. And not to mention I am so ready for warmer weather! I think we all are.
I know many of you dont like to watch those silly little slide shows but it takes to long to download all the pics on here, and it messes up my writing. Hope everyone is doing well and having a great year so far.

March 8, 2011

Catch Up

Wow am I behind. Guess it is because not much has been going on. We have been doing a few things but nothing to excitting. Here is a re-cap. Back in Febraury Broc and I went with Kristin and her two kids to a Utah Gymnastics competition. It was amazing. Those girls are extreamly talented.
Kris and I celebrated our 12 year of marriage! Cant believe it, ya me neither. But all is well and we couldnt be happier.
We went to Layton Surf and Swim for our nieces birthday. Broc loved every minute of it and it was pretty cool to go swimming while it was raining and snowing outside and 30 degree weather. Cant beat that!
Last weekend we went up to Island Park with some great friends to go snowmobling. There is 6ft of snow up there! Couldnt believe it, Broc was as tall as a Stop sign. We had a great time snowmobiling and digging caves and tunnels in the snow. It all ended way to soon and we had to come back. But it was sure fun while it lasted. There are quite a few pics I want to share with you while we were there so here is a slide show for you.
Hope eveyone is enjoying this crapy cold weather, I know I cant wait for SPRING!!!! HURRY UP AND GET HERE!

January 13, 2011

First Kindergarden Field Trip

Last week Broc came home from school and as usual I open his backpack to see if there are any papers. I pulled out one that said "our first field trip...Ogden Nature Center...only allowed two volunteers per class, first two to call can go." I grabbed the phone and called the school and left a message that I wanted to go. His teacher probably thought I was a nerd for calling right after school. She didnt call me back till Friday night, and told me I was able to go. I think I was more excited about being one of the parents then Broc was about going.
Monday came and they had a wonderful time. They taught them what the proper word to use for animal POOP, "SKAT" they thought that was pretty funny. Some kids were blindfolded and then given something and they had to guess what it was. They got to make animals tracks on paper, then the best part was they got to put on snow shoes and walk on a trail where we saw a doe, and some turkeys. It was pretty funny watching a bunch of little kids trying to walk in snow shoes. They kept walking on the back part of their snow show with their other foot. That was the best part! (just a little side note, while typing this I am drinking hot choco and just burned my tongue! OUCH) I think I want to take Broc back in the summer time to see more animals, it was a pretty cool thing they have going on there.

January 9, 2011

Last couple months

Recap of the past month of what has been going on with us!

1. For the past two years my brothers mother in law has invited us over to decorate Ginger Bread houses. She spends tons of time baking these and making the frosting stuff as well. We all bring over as much candy as we can and go to town making our beautiful houses.

2. Kris and I went to a Dallas Cowboys game December 18th. We arrived Saturday night and left on Tuesday. We thought it would be cheaper to just take a Taxi around, well its not. They always got lost and didn't know where they were going and didn't speak good English. Thank goodness for the GPS we have on our phone so we could tell them how to get to most of the places we wanted to visit. I was in awe of the stadium. I have heard mention it takes at least a thousand people to help run the stadium. And the best part of the whole thing was they sold DR. PEPPER. Most stadiums or games you go to they sell coke. So I was a very happy camper. Our seats weren't bad but not the best, however they have a huge TV so I pretty much watched that, and this one guy at the bottom of our section doing some kind of dance every time the Redskins scored. I was more interested in watching the people in the stadium then watching the game. Monday we went to Dallas and looked around, then took my sister in law and her friend to the airport. Then headed to the Stock Yards. It is a place that used to be a stock yard and they have turned it into a shopping place with place to dine. They still have rodeos held there too. Tuesday we couldn't do much because of the time we had to be at the airport so we took our time in the morning and then waited at the airport. Thanks to Aunt Cami and Uncle Cole for taking care of Broc for us. He had a great time with both of you guys.

3. Christmas Eve
Hopefully one of these days all my siblings will be able to be together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year we missed two families, Tara and her family and Erik and his family. Tara still in New Mexico so it is hard for her to be here, and Erik, it was the in laws turn to have them. But we had a full house thanks to Kristin and her family. They make up the bulk of the crowd that night. Again as tradition has it we ate Mexican food (thanks to the Kendricks for the yummy salsa, it was perfect for our meal) and opened PJ's. We also played Taboo, that was pretty fun! I am the best at the game, because I am a fast thinker!!
After they all left Broc spread out some magic dust for the reindeer so they could find our house. It sparkled in the night making it easy to find our house from the sky. It is a good thing he put that out because we forgot to leave cookies and milk out for Santa. But since Broc was a good boy this year I wasn't too concerned he would be upset that we forgot.

4. Happy Birthday Kris, Merry Christmas
Well my hubby hit the big 34. Of course he didn't care but we sure did. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished and for being the best Dad. Happy Birthday! (ps the Cowboys game was his bday present)
Christmas morning Broc woke up around 8 and came into our room like he always does, we asked him if Santa came and he ran out and looked and came back all disappointed
Broc-"No he didn't come"
Mom-"Are you sure? Go look again and this time look at the tags and look for Santa's name on the tag"
Broc"He did mom come out and look"
He had a great Christmas and having him around makes Christmas so much better!
After we had a yummy breakfast we went to Kris's parents and had some lunch and opened presents with all the rest of the grand kids. Craziness as usual but so much fun. After that we went to my parents house and did the same thing. Our parents sure do spoil our kids, and they love it.
On our way home Kris says what is for dinner? Um if you wanted dinner maybe we should have stayed at one of our parents house because I didn't make anything! Once we got home we called three different pizza places to see if they were open. I am glad they were closed so they could enjoy the holiday with their families, but come on not a single pizza place was open. So we busted out the Pillsbury and made our own crappy pizza. Yeah it wasn't very good. But oh well. Next year we will have to at least stay long enough at one of our parents houses to eat some yummy dinner.
Another wonderful year has passed and I am so grateful that we have all been healthy and blessed. We have had our fair share of struggles but recognize the blessings we have in our life. I hope everyone had a great 2010 and hope 2011 is even better

December 21, 2010

December 16, 2010

Does anyone even look?

It has been a while and sometimes I wonder if anyone even checks out blogs anymore. I know I do! I havent posted anything in a while simply because nothing has been going on. Not to worry my freinds, the next couple weeks I will be taking pics and by New Years will have plenty on my blog for you to check out.
But just in case you cant wait that long here are a couple pics.
We just got our family pics done and if you are not my friend on FB then you havent seen them. So here they are freinds.

November 12, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, it felt like it was a week long party!
We had school parties, church parties and family parties. Since he couldnt wear his mask to any of those things, we painted his face a couple times, by the time Saturday came he didnt want to paint his face or wear his mask. So he pretty much just looked like a kid asking for candy! But most people didnt know who or what he was with his face painted or the mask anyway. This year he wanted to be Swampfire. It is a alien from Ben 10 (a cartoon on Cartoon Network). Kids in his class knew who he was but that is about it.
Saturday morning we headed up to Grandma C for a halloween breakfast. Afterwards the kids played and then sang a very sad sounding 12 days of halloween. It was pretty sad, but the kids had a great time. Later that night after it finally stopped raining we went trick or treating. I am not one for dressing up or playing jokes but one of the neighbors sat on his porch which was really dark, he was wearing all black and kind of looked like a statue, so I didnt think much of it I thought it was fake. Once Broc walked up to the door and the guys face followed Broc, Broc wouldnt take his eyes off this guy. He was pretty scared until he offered him candy. We had a good time watching him trick or treat and all though it was cold it was fun.

November 11, 2010

Okay I am a dork, I put down twice that we went to NM, sorry everyone!

November 9, 2010

New Mexico

A couple weeks ago Broc and I went to New Mexico, my niece had a volleyball tournament and my brother in law was being put in as a Bishop. Broc and I flew out and then rode back with my parents.
It was volleyball games Friday and Saturday, I really missed those days of playing in VB tournaments. My niece is getting pretty darn good at and with more practice she is going to be the best! The boys stayed home and played and also wrestled a lot with Grandpa.
On the way home we stopped at the Hole in the Rock and climbed up. Broc thought that was pretty cool and wanted to slide down the back side. We didnt of course but it was a fun little hike!
Cant wait to visit again!